Bare-Naked Sacred Space

Clutter to clean-slate. Today I began the mighty task of cleaning up my altar space; but only after putting it off for as long as humanly possible, naturally. Oh the piles of burnt offerings and the spatters of candle wax were endless. Even for such a small space. And where the hell did all these crystals come from? I believe I admitted in my last post that it had been quite some time since I had even really visited my altar space.  My actual witch “crafting” has been on hiatus since summer but the evidence of what I’d been up to before remained.

I had full intentions of setting everything back up once I de-waxed and dusted everything, but then I hit a brick wall.  I don’t really want to put all of this shit back up there. I’m not even entirely sure what it was all doing up there to begin with. If ‘witchy dementia’ is a thing, then I’m definitely coming down with a case.

To me, an altar should be a place to focus on your craft.  A space dedicated to honing in on the energies that you work with and celebrate, and somewhere along the line I evidently forgot that. I think somewhere between the incense burner and the cauldron I lost my focus on what I was doing and why I was doing it. I imagine this can be a problem for a lot of witches.

So, for now, I’ve decided to leave my altar bare and open to the realm of possibilities. I want to give it a fresh start and really take the time to invest my energy into it. And not by throwing a literal shit-ton of rocks and candles on top of it for aesthetic purposes (which aesthetics for sure have their own place in witchcraft). I want this time to be different. Intentional. Focused. Calm and patient.  And for now, I intend to continue this project by the light of the full moon. Happy witchin’.




Pleasantries and Witchy-Bitch Banter

Happy evening, I hope you are having quite the lovely night so far. I’m so happy to have a little corner of the internet where I can delight my friends and confound my enemies.img_1980 If you don’t know me, I am WitchandMoon, Maggie Elram. I’ve been lurking around the occult section of the internet for a number of years, and even contributing videos, podcasts, and the like every now and again. I have taken quite the hiatus from all things witchy and magick over the summer, but I am back and ready to continue making contributions to my community.

I’m not fully sure what it is I will be sharing with you guys, but I do hope to start with some book reviews. I am all the time reading all sorts of occult books; img_2008some very good, and others, well, not so good.  I’ve recently been delving into norse mythology and divination using runes, so do expect to be seeing some of that in th
e near future. I also plan on giving my altar a make over here in the next few days, so I will do my best to document whatever it is that happens there.

I’m so, so excited about this new venture with my two moon sisters, and I hope that we can offer you insight, as well as a little humor to brighten up your day.  Have a good night witches!