Look at All the Shits I Give (zero)

One thing I really like about my generation is that, for the most part, we don’t really give a flying shit what each other believes in. Not as in, “Psh, fuck that,” but more like, “Hey, that’s cool.”


Even when I was in high school, I had more trouble with the adults thinking I was some kind of Satanic worshiper (not that there should’ve been a problem with that anyway, assholes), than I did with other students judging me. For every 10 studnts who asked genuine questions or had real thoughts about it, there was only 1 who would  tell me how I needed “to be saved by Jesus.” The latter type usually came with a handy pamphlet or something to hand out that Brother so-and-so from Bible Camp gave them just in case they came across a sinner like myself.


It’s the old bastards that are the ones that, even to this day as I near 30, still give me shit if I say anything other than, “I believe in God.” Not only do they bring up the conversation, but they don’t let it go either. It’s worse than getting between a wild lion and his food (and since I’ve done that, I know). I’ve even tried a few different methods to get away from these kinds of conversations:

  • I’m not religious.
  • I don’t really discuss religion.
  • I keep my faith personal.
  • I feel everyone has their own idea of the divine, and no one really shares the exact same idea.

These, especially that last one, don’t usually go over well. Even in my effort to try to avoid conflict on the subject, Generation [Baby]Boom – as in explosion of mass bullshit on the world as we once knew it – is not satisfied. I must give them an “appropriate” answer. And not only that, but my answer must be what they agree with. If not? Oooohhh, Gina. You’re in for a sermon. 9bd72b7fc5e69f0f1b1743fef085dd6a

But why? Like, honestly, Madame Old, I don’t give a shit what you’re saying. I really don’t. Unless you want to actually share some opinions (that means both of us say things, and both of us listen), I could give negative-five-fucks what you believe in.

I do try to be respectful, but honestly the older I get, the less time I have for this kind of bullshit. I’m mad enough at Generation Boom for all the other shit they’ve done; I don’t need to have more reasons to await their Social Security debit to get off my salary.

In fact, next time I get a preaching from Mr. or Mrs. Boom, I’m going to remind them I’m the one paying their damn bills. Maybe they should reconsider taking my demon money from my demon pockets.


*Yes, I realize not ALL Generation Boom is like this. But you know what? Since ALL of my generation is said to be entitled little assholes who live in their parents’ basements – not because their economy and self-worth were completely fucked, but because they’d rather just play games and be assholes according to popular belief of G-Boom – I don’t feel bad at generalizing at this moment and time.*



2 thoughts on “Look at All the Shits I Give (zero)

  1. This is a brilliant post. I work at a metaphysical store and it makes me sad each time one of the fundamentalist churchs (and we have way tooo many for such a small town) sends in members of their youth groups to try to make myself or another employee say words like “Witch” or “Satan”. They are easy to pick out because these kids are scared to death of being in the store as if a demon would appear right in front of them. It makes me so sad that these adults are using their children to spy on the store, just so they have a “justified” reason to hate us. -_-‘

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  2. That is absolutely ridiculous. Being from a small town, I definitely know how it feels to be surrounded by Christian churches and their agendas. It’s so frustrating (and sad!) to see how they use their “youth groups” to create the next generation of judges and torch-carriers. 😦


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