Holy shit, it’s Fall time.

For those of you who do not know me, I’m Chrissy (@capricornialove) **tips hat**

My journey has been a strange one guys, and I’m not even sure what faction of witchery I fall into these days. I guess I fit into the “crystal slinging herb monger who really attracts dead people” category. And… Forests are my jam. And…Water is my peanut butter.


In lieu of Autumn and the almighty Samhain approaching, my boyfriend and I decided to drive up to Muskegon state park to have some quality bonding time with Mother Nature. Lake Michigan and the forests that run down her coast bring forth such a magnitude of peace, tranquility, and intense energy into my life. It’s the place I go when I need to root and re-center.

The spirit of Samhain is alive and well. This time of year for me is always about reflection and death, ushering in the cycle of rebirth and growth. In Michigan, October is always the month that transitions into winter. Some years we die faster and winter comes early , and some years (like this one) we get a little more time to reflect.

And boy, did I reflect….


To be honest, I am fucking out of shape. Like shit….. But, I guess there is nothing like a good ol’ sand dune to call you out on your bad life choices. Regardless, the hike was beautiful. The sweet smell of decay, the cool breeze from the water, and the slightly peaking colors of the leaves did my soul wonders. Everything was in the perfect state of in-between. The veil is starting to lift.


I always need a reminder of what Samhain really means (aside from frantically decorating my home) — LET THAT SHIT GO, SO YOU CAN GROW!

Happy witching!



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