The Initiation One!


The initiation post!

Is this where we all sit in a circle, do some Ravenwolf book chants, and carve tiny little triangles into our ankles? 

Yeah, fuck that. That no-so-fictional start was nearly 15+ years ago, when we were little Witchlettes. Now, my ladies, we are Witch Bitches! Bitch Witches?

Boss Witches.

So, it’s our time of year at last. And you know what I saw yesterday? Fuckin’ Santa. Like, first of all, I might as well just call him Odin – cause he was – but since I had already showered my little step-children in tons of information regarding Halloween (we were at a Fall Festival and I needed to educate on: pumpkin carving, costume wearing, and why it’s stupid their bio-mom is making them trick-or-treat at 2pm on the Saturday before Halloween), I thought I’d hold that thought for now.

But, despite Christmas getting all up in our season, it is the most wonderful time of  year! I’m fighting the urge to decorate my entire house (the way my mom used to) in Halloween decor. I probably would do that if I hadn’t just thrown a fuckin’ wedding ho-down and actually had some spare change. But, why is it that during this most wonderful time of year, it seems like everything goes into hyper-drive? It never fails. I look forward to Autumn all year, and every year, I just get rained on with tons and tons of shit to do.

I just want to enjoy the season, damn it! 

With that being said, I – a witch of three – pledge that no less than once weekly will I take the time to slow down and do something fun, witchy, and for the spirit of the season. And, in that, I will post my Halloween Adventure pictures here to share.

This week’s event? Pumpkin carving! (Fuck yeah!)


Jax and Pumpkins.jpg




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